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OLAP Vision

User Conference Booth

Project Details

To emphasize the company’s main product xcelerate, the focus for the user conference booth was to demonstrate what you could achieve for your organization by using the functionality and capabilities of the product. Specifically, highlighting the implementation speed and data engagement to amp up your profits. A solution with a return on investments providing for reporting analysis, budgeting and forecasting intelligence and real time insights.

The concept was to play on the idea of speed and engagement by visualizing speed and correlating with the product’s dashboard. In addition, the visualization of speed shows a goal based direction supported by keywords such as: efficiency, profit, accuracy, real-time and insight. This included the design of one retractable banner stand and a program ad.

As a result, many clients dropped by and continued the momentum for increased demos/sales and integrations with more firms.


- Creative/Art Direction
- Concept Development
- Design & Production