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University of Toronto

Tri-Campus Viewbook (2015/2016)

Project Details

The concept behind the cover was to allow students to think and interpret the timeline. The overall look and feel was to be modern, smart, and simple to bring focus to the timeline concept. The keywords are attributes that characterize U of T and contribute to the success of U of T but also the success of the student. For example: academic excellence meets future relates to the student by providing great teachers and courses that will equip a student to enter the work force successfully. The busy interconnected lines represent “meeting points”. It reflects the journey of a student. For example: leadership meets achievement, inspiration meets tradition, and academic excellence meets future.

Through concept development phases, the final cover was finalized to focus on the tagline, “Your success starts here.” where the keywords were interconnected by significant characteristics that make U of T a world-renowned university. Still keeping to a journey where knowledge meets achievement, history meets future and ambition meets inspiration, the cover delivered an impactful message of leadership and academic excellence.

The project included: domestic and international version, accessible versions, and a DPS app version. The overall concept was well received and opened an additional opportunity to extend the concept for U of T’s Arts & Science Viewbook.

Role: Art Director


- Art Direction
- Cover Design
- Concept Development
- Two-day Photo Shoot at U of T St. George and Mississauga Campus