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The Marketing Strategy Group

Brand Identity & Marketing Collateral

Project Details

The creation of The Marketing Strategy Group logo was strategically designed to provide visual impact and commitment. To visually express the company’s core values and key strengths: strategy, digital integration, and marketing innovation. The concept was to create a contemporary, abstract interpretation of a digital brain, shaped in a maze-like form, subtly integrating the TMSG acronyms within the geometric structure. It reflected a juxtaposed attitude of simplicity and complexity, with the pairing of two-colours, adding a parallel contrast of depth and dimension. Problem solving, compatibility and always finding a way is what the logo represented – including a mix of multiple exit points within the maze to reflect a process of transparency, efficiency, and smart solutions.

The logo was well received and a success. It helped shape the brand experience; introducing the startup company into the industry in 2014 and creatively set the tone in building a brand identity system moving forward. It included the brand development and design of key print and digital communications collateral such as: stationery, brochures, posters, postcards, promotional items, event banners, custom PowerPoint presentations, word templates, advertisements, banners and, website design - few of many projects successfully completed for The Marketing Strategy Group.

In 2015, Boldsquare Creative Studio received a Graphis Merit Award for The Marketing Strategy Group Logo Design.


- Creative/Art Direction
- Logo Design
- Brand Identity System
- Concept Development
- Design & Production
- Print & Digital
- Photography