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Teachers Life

Cross-Media Campaign: Scholarships & Bursaries

Project Details

The objective for the campaign was to bring focus to the tagline, “Our Whole Community Succeeding Together” – to value its members and the impact of the awards program and to celebrate success. The campaign included print and digital ads, direct mail and media distribution postcards, social media ads, web banners, two short videos, and a special scholarships and bursaries feature on Teachers Life’s website.

The concept of the videos were to highlight academics, community, vision, and leadership with strong imagery footage paired with call-to-action phrases, and included Teachers Life staff and Board Members in the first video (Teachers Life Scholarships and Bursaries: Succeeding Together) and members/parents and their children/scholarship finalists in the second video (Teachers Life 2016 Scholarships: Meet the Finalists).

As a result, the campaign was a success and received positive feedback and support from stakeholders, board members and policyholders. It increased applications, traffic to the website, logins to private members site, engagement on social media exceeded all targets, and increased phone calls as a result of the direct mail campaign. The creative execution of the campaign also set the tone for the following year.


- Creative/Art Direction
- Concept Development
- Interface Design
- Front-end Web Development
- Video Production
- Design & Production
- Print & Digital