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Teachers Life

Integrated Campaign: Ready for Life

Project Details

The project was a focused campaign on giving back $2 to Children’s Mental Health Ontario (CMHO) by getting a life insurance quote on Teacher’s Life’s campaign microsite: The print and digital ads focused on the tagline, “Take a minute. We’ll give $2. Together we’ll help kids through life’s ups and downs.” Working in parallel to the ads, the campaign microsite’s concept and user experience was designed to be intuitive and responsive; allowing users to engage and explore three important sections: Give Back, Do Right, Be Smart and encourage a call-to-action.

In addition, to help provide facts and statistics about mental health issues, repurposed CMHO fact sheet and illustrations to work into the campaign as shareable social media fact blocks.

The campaign included the user experience and build of a responsive website design, standard digital ads, Global and Mail ad, social media ads, home page web banner, email news blast, and supporting web graphics.


- Creative/Art Direction
- Concept Development
- User Experience
- Interface Design
- Production
- Print & Digital