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Custom Keynote Presentation & Templates

Project Details

The objective was to create engaging, informational Keynote presentations to be used by the executive director of admissions for TFS Open House events held throughout the school year to target parents of prospective students.

The concept was to create a template structure that's simple, modern and easily maintainable for staff members. The presentation consisted of an introductory keynote, which was visually impactful and conveyed simple messages that were strategically set up to support two previously existing TFS ads; to be used before the presentation started to help set the overall tone. The main keynote was a universal template that accommodated the content in each grade level groupings available at TFS: Jardin d’eveil (age 2), La p’tite ecole (PK to grade 1), Junior school (grade 2 to grade 5), and Senior school (grade 6 to grade 12). The following features and graphical elements were developed to introduce a cohesive and engaging experience. A bright colour system helped to identify different sections within the presentation and was paired with new iconography. The overall master template was built to keep content in a systematic order, easy access to customize specific feature slides and elements, and set up with simple animation effects and smooth transitions between slides.

The presentation kept the audience engaged. Content organization was simplified and easy to understand their programs, student activities and goals. Several presentations were held throughout the year and it received great feedback from staff members and from the parents of students.


- Creative/Art Direction
- Concept Development
- Design & Production
- Digital
- Keynote Animation