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Sionna Investment Managers

Book Design

Project Details

To design Kim Shannon’s, who is President and CIO of Sionna Investment Managers, first book detailing her experience and approach to investment success. The overall look and feel of the book was thoughtfully layed out to be simple, modern, and accessible. Each page was emphasized with Sionna’s primary brand colors, concentrated usage of Sionna’s tilde symbol as a graphical element, and consistent chapter breaks with impactful quotes.

Kim Shannon and Sionna were extremely happy with the final product. The book was well-received by the audience including great testimonials and was celebrated at a very successful book launch in October 2013. The product has expanded into an e-book and available at major retailers such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Indigo and Kobo.

Role: Art Director


- Art Direction
- Concept Development
- Design & Production