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Information Kit

Project Details

To put together an information kit which includes a brochure and a folder for distribution at exhibitions focusing on financial services organizations particularly in the insurance and banking industries.

The concept was to create a smart abstract analogy to bring focus to what and how OutsideIQ identifies risk through analytics to help companies make better accurate assessments, saving time, ensuring compliance and increasing profit. The smart concept is based on the usage of dots which represent thousands of data points that potentially have risk factors. The overlay of IQ on different data points represent areas of risk that have been identified, where it’s important to assess, analyze and enforce action for compliant behaviour and protect from potential fraud.

Client was very happy with the outcome including the entire creative process and collaboration. The information kit was well-received and very successful in bringing attention to OutsideIQ at exhibitions/conferences.

Role: Art Director


- Art Direction
- Concept Development
- Design & Production