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Infographic Series

Project Details

The objective was to develop an overall concept, and design layout for an infographic series that highlighted results of financial literacy study among high school students. The “Youthonomics: financial literacy in high school” infographic was the first layout followed by, “Savings crisis: 20 years in the making” and then, “Savings and the art of avoidance”.

Working with provided stats, translated the information into a concept that is structured and organized. Each infographic was set up to address 3 sections: problem, contributing factors, opportunities or breaking barriers. Each statistic was simplified and transformed to help visualize the data in an engaging format that brought awareness and a call-to-action.

The infographic series was well-received and created interest and discussion. It was shared online and in The Globe and Mail, August 2012. The series also helped set the tone, look and feel for future infographics developed for the Investor Education Fund, a non-profit financial literacy group, where accessibility versions were also included moving forward.

Role: Art Director


- Art Direction
- Concept Development
- Design & Production
- Accessibility