Bilingual Poster

Project Details

The premise was to design a creative, informational, single-sided poster to be printed only and distributed at conferences or included in kits. The objective was to help encourage membership growth through retention and new member acquisition by promoting all the benefits and services of Editors Canada.

The concept of the poster was to be able to find your path, see all levels and to create an overall vibrant, supportive community of editors and prospective editors in a board game-like, infographic-inspired layout. For brand development and consistency, the poster pulls through visual elements from the “So You Want to Be An Editor” brochure cover. The pens are extended to create each pathway and the supporting elements used per quadrant are thoughtfully placed accordingly.

The overall poster is visually broken down into 3 sections. With the division of quadrants, it's easy for a viewer to pinpoint where they are in their career and collect information and gain awareness of all the benefits and services offered.

→ Section #1 (4 quadrants): Each pen-shaped path represents a level, provides simple direction and is paired with friendly, quirky elements and diverse characters. Text is bilingually set and organized in various visual containers along the path: web browser, presentation screen, post-it-note, and notepad.
→ Section #2 (middle) Set in Editors Canada grey to provide a subtle but distinct contrast from the 4 quadrants. The mouse/cord element ties all social media platforms and is centralized to show the connection to the Editors Canada logo and 4 quadrants.
→ Section #3 (bottom): Set in Editors Canada blue to highlight the importance of being certified and the preparation process.

The print poster is flexible and efficient in its design and set up to be transformed to accessible and digital versions in the near future. The poster was well received by Editors Canada and shared with the community as an engaging, fun-friendly poster to help increase interest and discussion.

Poster size: 24” x 24"


Creative/Art Direction, Concept Development, Design & Production, Print