Transforming Potential

Boldsquare is a Toronto-based studio focused on strategic design solutions that work powerfully to create meaningful brands and digital experiences.

Founded in 2014. Through this entrepreneurial initiative to explore new challenges and collaborations, the studio is focused on producing tactical, content-driven solutions that are creative, emotive, accessible, and maintainable.

What does Boldsquare mean? The "square" represents the context of what you are designing for. It's not about being out of the box or being constricted within a space. Instead, it's about making a bold statement and transforming a brand to its full potential within the content of your "frame". The frame can be your target audience, your branding objective, and conceptual objective, industry or user experience. It's not about designing something pretty or simply to get a wow-factor. Most often then not, it becomes not useful. The target is to design with the right context to get the most impactful result that would be meaningful and useful.

The impact is delivered through an integrated framework of strategy, content, and design working together. Each on its own is not enough but all three components together make your brand potential to something great.

Agile Process

Our process is agile and has no shortcuts to a successful implementation. We work in collaboration with your team and the best resources tailored to your specific project.

A sprint-based approach provides the ability to respond and bring as much value as possible in shorter periods while at the same time flexibility to redirect to fluid situations. In our agile design process, quality assurance is integrated from the start to end of each sprint with focus on continuous improvement. The advantage of this approach always keeps the user perspective in mind and builds a trust relationship of collaborative and responsive feedback.

We provide the unique link between innovation and customer experience. With bold thinking, empathy is front and center where we learn your business from a customer perspective. With empathy, our agile process is focused on transparency where we can work together and deliver high quality results.

Susan Yang
Creative Director

An award-winning, forward-thinking, multidisciplinary designer with over 10 years of experience in developing strategic design solutions for brand, print, digital, and video. With extensive expertise ranging from information design, web technologies, digital applications, accessibility, troubleshooting, and photography. She approaches every project with dedication, and has a passion for creative challenges and problem solving.

She has worked and collaborated with a diverse range of clients and well-known brands in several industries. With every project, Susan gives detailed focus, quality output and always provides thought leadership, meaningful collaboration, and creative insight through every stage of the creative process. She has the ability to efficiently and effectively translate and execute strategy, content and design into modern, impactful solutions that take into account the big picture and customer experience.

Susan is a graduate of OCAD University holding a Bachelor of Design (BDes) degree. As a Registered Graphic Designer, she believes in the value of design, the professional expertise and the commitment to the craft.

Select Clients

OLAP Vision, Editors Canada, Just Energy, Halmyre, Teachers Life, MD Financial Management, Canadian Medical Association, TFS, Trent University, Ontario Securities Commission, University of Toronto, Canadian Securities Institute, Sionna Investment Managers, York University.


Financial, Technology, Healthcare, Education, Government, Automotive, Sports, Real Estate, Publishing, Retail, Non-Profits, Startups

"We had the pleasure of working with Susan on numerous projects, and each time we are pleased with the outcome. Susan is an excellent communicator and is dependable for deadlines. We appreciate her creative expertise and professionalism during the process of developing our company’s brand. I highly recommend Susan as her work is superb and we will be working with her again for future projects."

Jag Dhariwal, Vice President, OLAP Vision

Expertise + Services


We start by listening to you and understanding your business objectives, your current market and your competitive advantages. After gaining insights, our strategic design approach will focus on creative vision, empathy, research, and tactical design solutions. An approach that will connect to your target audience and customize the experience of your brand to deliver functional and enduring design solutions.


We help you stand out in your context as we understand the power of branding. From a customer-relationship perspective, the value of branding is focused on associations that represent your business. These associations to your brand is not just on the visual element but also on the experiences and emotional impacts your brand makes. We will work with you to differentiate your brand experience.


Print is continuously evolving in its own craft and is powerful and emotive. When working together with digital, it can strategically expand communication further to improve targeting. Our creative works such as annual reports, marketing collateral, advertising, and infographics will integrate between print and digital, excelling in both to help optimize your ROI and brand awareness.


Our interactive, interface designs are all about the user experience. We create digital presences that are responsive, intuitive, and accessible to ensure your brand is optimized, consistent, and seamless across multiple platforms and devices. Developing a foundation of clean coding and quality assurance provides a successful digital experience including future maintenance.


We deliver storytelling that integrates your brand and creates emotional connection with your customers. Video is an effective way to market your brand experience and to visually communicate meaningful messages. We provide a comprehensive package that includes storyboarding and video production.


We focus on accessibility for all our creative works. We keep AODA and WCAG 2.1 standards at the forefront of our creative process. Embedding an accessibility plan into the process of design, development, and testing at the beginning phase of a project is crucial to avoid future barriers. Whether you’re looking to retrofit a previous design, create accessible documents, or develop an accessible website – we can help analyze all components and complexity levels of the project and discuss the best approach.